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Sludge Dewatering

Importance of sludge dewatering

Sludge recovery, especially treatment sludge recovery, is one of the most complex processes in treatment and recovery plants. Although sludge amount from wastewater treatment accounts for low ratio of wastewater, 1%-6%, investment cost for sludge recovery units accounts for 30-40% of the total cost while operational costs are 50% of total operational costs. Thus, deciding on the proper method for sludge recovery is very important. Water content of the sludge should be reduced to facilitate its final recovery and storage. In other words, sludge should be dewatered.

Evaluating the plant from the point of view of environment

The most important feature of a sludge dewatering plant is, no doubt, of being a solution for treatment sludge wastes that are one of the most important environmental problem in recent years through the plant’s main operation, sludge dewatering. The installed sludge dewatering plant has other environmental advantages in addition to this main operation.

Final product of sludge dewatering can be used as an alternative fuel through the installed new system rather than to be sent for storage. Calorific value of the dewatered sludge allows reduction in the use of main fuel (coal, fuel oil etc) in cement plants. Thus, the use of natural resources is reduced. Furthermore, because an alternative fuel is used, emissions produced during combustion of fossil fuels are reduced and thus, a development that is advantageous for air quality is achieved.

The most important benefit brought by the plant with respect to environment is, no doubt, the fact that it ensures disposal of treatment sludge rather than sludge storage in wild and regular storage areas and the advantages with respect to environment and energy. Furthermore, another advantage is that biological sludge is used as an alternative fuel with no methane release rather than storage with methane release and that the volume becomes optimum after dewatering.



· Recovery of sludge with water content of any ratio whether hazardous or not,

· Waste transportation with vehicles licensed for hazardous waste transportation,

· Technical support for waste sludge packaging  (big bag supply),

· Hazardous waste consultancy

Our company is ambitious in the transportation sector, which is one of the most important elements of waste management, also with its fleet consisting of licensed vehicles, which are the youngest with highest capacity in Turkey, and dynamic drivers obeying the rules. The fleet includes 13 Mercedes make millipedes, 3 Mercedes make trucks and 6 Mercedes make tow trucks.


The fleet can satisfy waste transportation demands from our customers due to its diversification and truck container types at various weight capacities while we ensure that wastes arrive at our facilities safely.


We prevent visual pollution in waste collection sites of the companies while we ensure easier and faster charging through our truck container leasing services. Thus, we help our customers keeping their waste collection sites clean.


Target of our vehicles, which are tracked by satellite systems, with most priority is always environmental and occupational safety..