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HSE-Q Policy

Bumerang always puts human health, technical safety and environment first during all operations and accordingly, implements sustainable solutions complying with the concept of high quality service. The company warrants that

• to produce low-cost high quality products conforming to the laws on environment and human health in all operations of Bumerang that has adopted the aim of “being a company adding value to waste recovery through sustainable solutions” by attaching top priority to customer satisfaction,

• to satisfy all requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems, OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety standards,

• to ensure that every nonconforming event is reviewed by the top management to make conformance sustain,

• to follow technological advances and suppliers’ performance carefully and continuous improvement for efficiency and improvement of the system via contributions from everyone, who works for the company,

• to operate according to the applicable local and international legislation on occupational health and safety, to identify and minimize hazards and risks to which employees, visitors and neighbors of Bumerang might be exposed due to its operations,

• to ensure safe drying and disposal operations and that a safe workplace is created,

• to ensure that all measures are taken against all risks related to environment and occupational health, all employees are continuously provided with trainings for raising their awareness of health, safety, environment and quality including being ready to respond to any emergency relating to safety and environmental protection,

• any damage on environment is avoided from waste supply process to the production and disposal processes, injuries or deaths are prevented during operations,

• to use occupationally safe and environmentally friendly processes, a clean work ambience and efficient use of natural sources (water, power, natural gas, oil etc) are ensured through the working according to the principle of zero pollution,

• to achieve and maintain the desired quality, environment and safety standards to complete targets of the company,

All employees of BUMERANG including top management know well that quality, occupational health and safety and environmental safety are achievable by participation of everybody rather than personal successes and this is a life style.