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About Us


Bumerang Waste Disposal & Recovery Plant established in 2007 as the first private company in sludge drying in Turkey, is an environmental company dewatering hazardous and nonhazardous industrial and domestic treatment sludge, phosphate sludge, dyer sludge and other process sludge and slurries up to 90-95% through the Drum Dryer method ensuring disposal of them by burning in cement plants as an additional fuel.

The 100% Turkish owned company licensed by the Environmental Ministry has had significant achievements in a short while and has raised awareness of companies about sludge drying and environment.

The company, as the first private company in Turkey in sludge dewatering sector, is a leading company that is environmentally and industrially friendly by using the latest technology and by putting customer satisfaction and sustainability at the top rank.
The company always puts human health, technical safety and environment first and accordingly, implements sustainable solutions.